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Overview of truss bridges made from timber

Traditional design for large span

The construction generally consists of laminated timber for the upper chord, lower chord and posts, and is braced horizontally with steel diagonals. The walkway is connected to the lower chord. The individual components are connected using slotted sheet metal and bolt connections.

The road surface can be designed with open decking or as a sealed mastic asphalt surface. The railings are attached to the side of the lattice girders.
Sheet metal, brickwork or wooden shingles are used for the roof sections.

Timber truss bridges are a common form of bridge in Alpine regions. Some such bridges were originally built over 300 years ago. With these constructions, the structural protection of the timber is already taken into account with the covering and side casing of the timber.

This type of bridge has now been developed further, with the designs having become more transparent, although the original durability has been continued and the traditional design, such as the bridge over the Traunbrücke at Pertenstein, has been reinterpreted.