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Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Wilhelmina channel

Competition Truss Bridge Oirschot


This competition involved the planning and execution of a 40-meter truss bridge over the Wilhelminakanal and associated ramp structures in the Municipality of Oirschot. The basic design was determined by the promoter, with some latitude for the route, choice of materials and detailing. Together with our partners fhp PloegmakersSchaffitzel Holzindustrie and InVra Plus, we worked out a durable and low-maintenance variant in wood construction, whereby the variant of a freely weathered truss bridge made of tropical timber proposed by the promoter was transferred to a protected timber construction. For this purpose, the bridge was recalculated with spruce glued laminated timber and designed a cladded construction of laterally arranged Azobe boards and a top sheet metal cover. As a result, the expected lifetime was doubled, the design was not demolished. The planning of the ramp structures provided block-glued glulam sections, which are constructively protected from the weather by concrete slabs laid on the top.

Municipality Oirschot

fph Ploegmakers (Main contractor)
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH + Co. KG (Sub contractor, timber works)
InVra Plus B.V. (Specialist planne, foundation)

Length ramp structure: approx. 200,00 m
Length truss bridge: 40,00 m
Width: 4,00 m

Ramp and bridge structure as protected timber construction with precast concrete elements as decking.

Our service
Specialist planner, superstructure

Other views of the bridge