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Transfer of persons over the track in Risch Rotkreuz, CH

Competition "Personenüberführung Rotkreuz" third place


Since 2010, the superstructure Suurstoffi Rotkreuz has been realized north of the railway tracks. The measure is designed to improve and develop the neighborhood and create a high-quality living and working space. In addition, a department of the Lucerne University is currently being set up in the Suurstoffi area. The development concept provides for a third crossing of the railroad tracks for a better distribute commuter flows and improving the accessibility of the station towards the north-east.
The structure of the person overpass is designed as a timber truss with a total length of 104.10 m. The structure is supported on steel columns in three axes, one axis is offset at the bridging ends, the third is the axis of the perron 2/3. There are support widths of 70.30 m and 16.80 m and two cantilevers with a length of 8.50 m. The useful width between the handrails is 5.00 m.
Four stairs and four elevators serve as entrances and exits to the north and south ends of the overpass, as well as to the Perron 5/6 and Perron 2/3. The distance between the axes of the diagonal struts is optimized to the distances of the inlets and outlets so that a node point of the grid is exactly centered over each opening. This results in a fixed axial dimension of 1.08 m. This opens up the possibility, which is required in the competition, to install the openings of the entrances and relocate them easily at a later perron installation. This results in a static height of the grid supports of 5.35 m and a clear height of the person transfer of 4.34 m. Even in the state of the final deflection, the required clearance outline of the track systems is not affected.

Length: 104,10 m
Width: 5,00 m

The basic design is based on a lattice girder known as a “Townscher lattice girder” consisting of a plurality of diagonal struts, which are ligated in two slightly displaced planes and are connect to a lattice at the intersection points. Two of these carriers are connected to each other by a wind bracing at the upper and lower straps. The supporting structure, which is designed with a total length of around 104 m, is mounted on three steel columns, resulting in two tensioning panels as well as two short cantilever arms at the structure ends.

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Other views of the bridge