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Pedestrian and Cycle Bridges Over the Gave d'Aspe and Gave d'Ossau

Truss bridge in Oloron - France


The intricate design consists of a bottom chord in steel and a top chord of several glulam beams placed together. The glulam beams are attached to the steel cross beams. This network enables a low superstructure height with a large span of 48 meters. Due to the combination of timber and steel the bridge is very light and slender. By using timber the bridge perfectly fits in the surrounding environment. In the level of the glue laminated beams there is an additional round steel diagonal brace to carry the wind loads. A grid railing is fixed to the upper side of the construction. Special optics generate the decking which is laying on the bridge in longitudinal direction.
The glulam beams are made of laminated Douglas wood, which are on the upper side protected with rhepanol foil. The planks of oak timber are fluted to ensure adequate resistance for walkers.

Communauté des Communes du Piémont Oloronais

Design and planning
RFR, Paris

Length: 50,00 m
Width: 2,50 m

Timber-steel framework construction

Our services
Consultancy timber structure, working planning, site management

Other views of the bridge