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Draft Design and Structural Design

From the draft design to the completion

The development of draft bridge designs is our core area of work. The conceptualisation encompasses the design, the statics and the execution planning. On the basis of the current standards we attempt to bring the material of timber into its own. A key focus is on an environmentally oriented conceptualisation. By this we mean the structural instead of chemical protection of the timber.

According to the service phases of the HOAI we create static calculations, approval plans and implementation plans. For a tender, we determine the required bills of quantity and service texts on the basis of the implementation planning. Our long standing experience enables us to create convincing cost calculations in order to ensure the certain planning of the costs.

Service phases 3-6

  • Draft design planning
  • Approval planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Preparation of the awarding

Basic standards:

  • DIN EN 1990 Basic principles
  • DIN EN 1991-2 Load actions
  • DIN EN 1995-1 Timber structures
    DIN EN 1995-2 Bridge structures
  • DIN 68800 Timber protectionz

An overview of our most recent competitive entries and draft designs is provided here.