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Inspections of timber supporting structures

Ensuring durability with inspections

In addition to service phases 1-9 of the HOAI we also offer the inspection of timber supporting structures and bridge structures according to DIN 1076. This encompasses the determination and assessment of the condition as well as the digital documentation according to the “guidelines for the maintenance of engineering constructions (RI-EBW-PRÜF)”.

For the precise inspection of timber supporting structures, in addition to the current regulations, a detailed knowledge of the material is also required. This includes the assessment of timber materials, solid timbers and laminated timber in particular. With our experience in timber bridge construction, we attempt to detect the precise causes of damage and develop economical refurbishment concepts

Bridge inspection according to DIN 1076

  • Determination of condition
  • Damage assessment
  • Dokumentation
  • Property-related damage analysis
  • Refurbishment concepts

Inspection methods

  • Manual inspection
  • Timber moisture measurement
  • Fissure measurement
  • Core drilling samples
  • (Drill resistance measurement)
  • Monitoring