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Design for a Pedestrian Bridge Crossing the Spree-Channel

Design Competition Europacity Berlin - DE


The State of Berlin is planning a new bridge over the Spree canal for Europa City as part of the master plan Heidestraße. The construction is used for pedestrian and cycle traffic along the newly designed waterfront and connects the districts of Moabit and Mitte. The bridge spans a navigable corridor of about 50m and is connected with ramps and stairs. The bridge is designed as a lenticular truss system. The combination of the steel truss with the horizontal timber beam generates a transparent, static meaningful structure. Because of the favorable ratio between weight and strength of the material wood the use of timber is advantageous not only for aesthetic reasons but also for economic aspects. The combination of the trepped timber beam and the spatial truss of steel profiles offers an exciting and harmonious sight. The bottom flange of the steel truss acts as a tieback. The overall composition of the structure is therefore limited to the essentials. Despite the filigree supporting structure, the results of vibration analysis show that limits for pedestrian-induced vibrations are met.

Length: 119,8m
Width: 4,0m

Design bases on a lenticular steel truss in combination with a horizontal glulam structure forming the upper chord. Decking made of large scale granite slabs. Steel railing including timber handrail mounted onto the granite decking.

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