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Overview of cable stayed bridges made from timber

A sophisticated combination of timber and steel

The basic component is one or several pylons which enable a wide span width without counter bearings due to the deflection of the tensile force. The pylons are made from steel or timber and are rigged with tension rods or cables.

The actual bridge construction is frequently completed as a block-bonded laminated timber beam construction that has a considerable torsional rigidity. A trough bridge construction can also be used, however.

On its top side, the supporting structure has a roadway surface consisting of thick mastic asphalt, natural stone or a sheet metal covering with an overlaid surface so that an optimum structural protection of the timber is achieved. The railings are attached to the side of the main girders.

With the use of pylons and cables it is possible to traverse long span widths. In this respect, the pylons create a special architectural attribute and allow for a very sophisticated construction.