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One of Four Timber Bridges in 'De Blauwe Stad'

Cable Stayed Bridge in Winschoten - NL


To be able to reach the North sea by boat and to create an exclusive recreational area with seascape southeast of Groningen was formed in the Netherlands. A series of artificial islands were developed and are accessible over an entire “timber bridge family”, where in addition to eight heavy-duty bridges, a pedestrian bridge and a bascule bridge particularly the pylon bridge stands by its filigree design and fits into the waterscape particularly suitable as semi-natural landmark.

Planning group ‘Blauwe Stad’ trough InVra Plus,

Year constructed

Length: 70,00 m
Width: 3,00 m

Block laminated beam with mastic asphalt surface, hanged on steel pylon and cables. Steel railings with stainless steel and timber handrail.

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Other views of the bridge