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Filigree Construction Fits Harmonically Into Scenery

Cable Stayed Bridge Crossing Jagst in Möckmühl


For the further expansion of the beautiful Kocher-Jagst bicycle route, the city of Möckmühl already had a concept of the future pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Jagst.
So, a block-laminated cable stayed bridge was chosen. Due to the combination of a modern design and conventional materials, the bridge creates the symbolic relationship between the lovely river landscape and the historic city center.
The illuminated steel railing is designed as a timber handrail made of oak. The lighting installed in the railing emphasizes the pylon construction of the bridge in the foreground and in background the old town of Möckmühl.
This pedestrian bridge is a fine example for the possibility of increasing the attractiveness of a city by a architectural style bridge.

City of Möckmühl

Year of construction

Office Wulle-Lichti-Walz, Möckmühl

Length: 94,20 m
Width: 3,50 m

Laminated block glulam beam with steel pylons and three supports, mastic asphalt decking

Our services
Consultancy timber structure and project management during execution and installation

Other views of the bridge