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New construction of the Eder bridge at the Wildpark in block girder design

New construction of a cycle and footpath bridge over the Eder


The design of the bridge structure is based on the local topography, the path connections to be made as well as an optimal structural system: The curved ground plan creates a harmonious connection between Hengsfurt and Otto-Stoelker-Straße, which responds particularly to the near-natural surroundings.
As a beam bridge, the structure blends unobtrusively into the landscape without dominating it. The bridge is designed as a two-span system with a support in the northern foreland. The static load is responded to with a dynamic cross-sectional form with the greatest structural height above the pier. The curved shape gives the bridge the necessary lightness and does not appear too massive despite the relatively large spans.
The superstructure is a beam structure as a protected timber bridge according to DIN 1995-2 NA. The main structure consists of two parallel, curved girders made of block-glued, standing glulam girders. The girders are given a trapezoidal cross-section with a constant width by a lateral gradation. The cross-section height varies here – depending on the load – up to the maximum above the column construction. The lateral stepping of the timber cross-section additionally increases safety and ensures driving rain protection even in the areas with higher cross-sections.
Lighting of the bridge for the darker hours of the day and night is integrated into the railing construction in the form of dimmable LED spotlights, and their alignment prevents stray light into the surroundings. Nesting boxes for dippers are installed between the bridge girders.

Year of construction

Municipality of Frankenberg (Eder)

Length: approx. 80,00  m
Spans: approx. 40.00 m/40.00 m
Width: approx. 4.00 m

Two-span beam bridge with stepped wooden supporting structure made of block-bonded glulam, decking made of large-format prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs, railing made of posts made of flat steel with infill made of stainless steel cables, handrail made of acetylated glulam (Accoya), stainless steel round tube as barrier-free supplement to the railing.

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Other views of the bridge