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Beam bridge over the Eder

Ederdorf" cycle and footpath bridge in Frankenberg


The town of Frankenberg (Eder) is planning to build a new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the river Eder in order to improve the inner-city path connections. In doing so, the Ederdorf, a residential area that is home to around 40% of Frankenberg’s population, is to be connected to the areas of the core town located south of the Eder. The planned new bridge construction will be designed as a protected wooden bridge, whereby the planning follows the recommendations for cycling facilities (ERA) and takes into account gradients of less than 6 % to ensure barrier-free use.

The design of the bridge structure in this near-natural environment results from a clever combination of the local topography, the connected pathways and the adaptation to the optimal hydraulic course of the southern ramp. The result is an elegant curved bridge with two supporting pillars in the Eder foreland, which connects the points of connection to the continuing paths. As a beam bridge, the structure blends discreetly into the landscape without overpowering the natural scenery.

The bridge is designed as a two-span system and has a support in the northern foreland. The static requirements are met by a dynamic cross-section, whereby the greatest structural height above the supports ensures that the central span over the Eder has a particularly slender appearance. In accordance with the Fulda flood risk management plan, an HQ100 of 272.62 m above sea level is taken into account in the planning.

The main construction consists of two curved parallel girders made of block-bonded standing glulam trusses, which are given a trapezoidal cross-section with a constant width by stepping off at the sides. The decking consists of large-format prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs resting on a wooden substructure and projecting laterally beyond the wooden supporting structure. A lateral slope of 1.0 % ensures effective lateral drainage, while an epoxy resin coating in combination with a fine gravel scatter layer provides a safe non-slip surface.

Year of construction

Municipality of the town of Frankenberg (Eder)

Length: approx. 90.00 m
Spans: 23.75 m, 47.50 m, 23.75 m
Width: 4.00 m

Ingenieurbüro Mentges (Planning substructures); Ingenieurbüro WAGU (Hydraulic engineering and local construction supervision)

Timber construction consisting of two curved parallel girders made of block-bonded glulam trusses, covering made of large-format prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs with epoxy resin coating and fine gravel spreading layer

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Other views of the bridge