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Block girder bridge in timber construction as a statement

New construction of cycle and footpath bridge over the Eder in Frankenberg


The design planning follows the requirement of the city of Frankenberg for a new bridge between Große and Kleine Kehrweide, taking into account current requirements for barrier-free access and maximum gradients of less than 6%. The most important function of the new Eder crossing is as a junction in the municipal cycle path network; it is also used by vehicles of the municipal building yard. An existing bridge structure is no longer durable and is also located in the flooding area of the Eder, which requires a new foundation for the replacement structure. The course of the design follows the existing path on one side and is oriented towards the planned cycle path from the middle of the bridge. Above the pier, the useful width is increased from 4 to 5 metres to allow for towing curves of vehicles.

The conception as a protected wooden bridge according to DIN EN 1995-2 guarantees an equivalence in terms of durability to bridge materials such as steel and concrete; according to the current replacement costs of the BMVI, a theoretical service life of 60 years can be assumed. The carriageway girder with a solid cross-section made of wood is covered by a pavement made of precast concrete elements, which are designed to be non-slip and grouted with permanent elasticity. The chosen covering in the quality C50/60 and its processing protect the underlying construction so optimally that the use of chemicals as wood protection can be completely dispensed with. A dynamic cross-sectional height – the largest expansion is above the pier – is achieved by block-gluing individual glulam beams of different lengths and widths, which additionally enables a low-cost production with little waste and optimal material utilization.

As part of the competition “Gemeinsam aktiv. Mobil in ländlichen Räumen” (2023) of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), the local mobility bridge over the Eder in Frankenberg wins. Further information

Year of construction

Magistrate of the City of Frankenberg

Length: 60.00 m
Width: 6.00 m

Two-span beam bridge with stepped wooden supporting structure made of block-bonded glulam, decking made of precast concrete elements, railing made of V-shaped flat steel posts and horizontal stainless steel cables with handrail made of Accoya

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Work phases 1 – 9

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