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Overview of arch bridges made from timber

Wide-span and arched

The bridge consists of two curved laminated timber girders which are connected with horizontal timber tie members on a back-anchored basis. The truss posts of the round steel hangers are fitted between them. The supporting structure is at the level of the railings, so that the road surface is connected on the lower chord.
The bracing occurs in the form of U-shaped steel frames or the lattice in the area of the arches. The laminated timber girders have a titanium zinc plate cover on their top in order to ensure the sound structural protection of the timber and timber casing on their sides.

The road surface can be designed with open decking or as a sealed mastic asphalt surface. The railings are attached to the side of the arched girders or to the guard rails.

With timber arch bridges, it is possible to realise large span widths. This system is frequently expedient on bridges that carry heavy loads. An arched supporting structure brings the timber on the bridge to life and nevertheless remains transparent.