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Pedestrian and Cycle bridge "Jägerstieg" in Erfurt

Arch Bridge Crossing Autobahn 4


The Jägerstieg across the A4 is a so called “true arch bridge”, without any additional tension bands between the supports. The curved main beams are made of glulam. This construction allows a span across the complete motorway without any supports in the middle. For the assembly the highway only had to be closed for a few hours. The Jägerstieg is similiar to the first timber bridge over the A4 that was built 2 years before. The bridge fits perfectly in the area which is marked by forests. Not without reason the bridge was recognized and has earned a Thüringen Holzbaupreises reward.

Motorway authority Thüringen

Year of construction

Krebs und Kiefer

Span: 77,70 m
Arch lenght: 56,70 m
Width: 2,50 m

Three-hinged arch made of larch glulam, upper side protected from weathering with zinc sheeting. Mastic asphalt decking.

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Other views of the bridge