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Street crossing in Southend on Sea

Design and Build - Arch Bridge, Elm Street


The timber arches support the bridge by working in compression while the steel chords on either end of the deck act in tension to maintain the overall form. This form spans the roadway without the need for an intermediate support. Timber behaves well in compression along its grain, and hence the arches are shaped out of block laminated timber to suit the form and the desire to make a statement. The composite steel plate and timber-slab deck ensures the bridge soffit provides a pleasant view for drivers waiting at the traffic lights below, as well as adding additional stiffness to the structure to improve the dynamic behaviour.

The main span deck cantilevers beyond the support with the steel top-plate acting as tension skin. This forms the landings which meet the ramps and stairs.

Borough Council


Lenght: 37,60m
Width: 2,50m

Raymond Brown Construction LTD
MOXON Architects

Tied arch bridge made of block-laminated glulam and suspended steel deck. Furthermore, two ramp structures made of block-laminated spruce glulam for barrier-free access. The deck is made of thin coated steel plates. The arch bridge is cut to the side and is covered on the upper side with a titan-zink-sheet metal to generate an efficient timber protection.

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Other views of the bridge