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Tower construction on the Idarkopf in Hunsrück

Idarkopf Viewing tower


A first viewing tower Idarkopf – very badly damaged by a fire in 2018 and therefore unusable – was replaced by a new building on behalf of the National Park Association Municipality of Herrstein-Rhauen: on the existing foundations, a sustainable tower of wood/steel was built. Its platform on elegant supports offers a panoramic view.

As a landmark, the tower offers visitors a view as far as the Volcanic Eifel, Palatinate, Saarland and the Donnersberg; it lies on the Idarkopf, Erbeskopf and Bostalsee axis, which is well-known to tourists. The design’s guiding idea is the natural environment – the Idar forest. The curved wooden supports carry the viewing platform, like a bird’s nest in a branch fork. This image is taken up in the design of the platform parapet by differently arranged wooden rods. The silhouette of the tower slims down towards the centre of the tower and widens out towards the foundation and platform. The platform is accessed via a spiral staircase, which is enclosed by transparent larch wood battens. The view remains undisturbed by filigree steel bracing elements. With a viewing height of over 28.0 m, a 360° view of the Idarwald and the surrounding villages on the Hunsrück is made possible.

The main structure consists of three curved glulam columns, which are braced by a round steel diagonal bracing and round tubular beams. The supports carry a viewing platform designed as a nest, the height of which is adapted to the size of the surrounding trees. Unprotected components are deliberately made of steel and secondary, weathered timber components are designed to be easily replaceable. The stair construction is made of steel and is given a unique design by a surrounding cladding of vertical larch wood slats.

Herrstein Rhaunen Municipal Association

Year of construction

Platform height: approx. 28,00 m
Total height: approx. 31,10 m
Diameter: approx. 8,30 m

Timber construction
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH & Co. KG

Three curved glulam columns with variable cross-section in spruce, GL24h with wind bracing made of tubes and tension rods made of steel. Structural timber protection through cladding on all sides of three-layer boards (larch) and zinc sheeting, planks of larch (platform),
Spiral staircase made of steel with gratings, diameter approx. 3.0 m, railing infill made of continuous vertical larch wood stacks, existing foundation as block foundation

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