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Sea Bridge at Timmendorf Beach

Competition Maritim Sea Bridge


The design of the “Park Bridge”, in collaboration with TMH architects and the TGP landscape architects, reached the second phase of the competition. In addition to the spa promenade, the beach park is a prominent feature of the municipality of Timmendorf beach. The latter, together with the “Alte Kurpark”, gives the village an unique setting as a “Ostseeheilbad im Grünen” (baltic sea health spa in the green). This unique quality is to be adequately transferred to the new pier. The draft therefore provides for the merger of the special characteristics and the quality of a green park with the maritime character of a pier. The new MARITIM pier is being developed directly from the existing beach through the beach park. This creates a direct connection between spa promenade and pier. In addition, a spacious staircase offers direct access to the beach. The pier itself is modeled on a park landscape – its topography thus provides a variety of areas of function and use in a casual and self-evident manner.

Awarding authority
Community Timmendorf Beach Spa


TMH Architeckten
TGP Landschaftsarchitekten

Main support structure consisting of blocklaminated glulam girders, which are mounted on clamped Y-supports made of steel. Floodable stairs and bridge areas are permanently resistant to sea water due to the use of acyclated pine glulam (Accoya). Larch wood is used for the planking and various seating possibilities. Downward drainable plant tubs are attached on to elastomeric pads between the main support.

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Other views of the bridge