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Replacement Overpass above Highway A3

Substitute Bridge near Erlangen


The two substitute bridges over the A3 near Erlangen were able to assert themselves as an alternative to standardized steel replacement bridges. U-shaped steel frames, which serve to tilt the main girders, lie on both sides between the up to 2.05 m high double pitch roof beams, which allow a free span of 44.30 m. A wind bracing of round steel diagonal between the U-shaped steel frame serves to stiffen the bridge. In addition, a lying glued laminated timber beam is used as a roadway. This is coated slip-resistant. The service life of the bridges is limited to two years, which is why the constructive wood protection is omitted for economic reasons.

Free State Bavaria/Highway direction North Bavaria

Year of Construction

Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH+Co.KG

Length: 90,00 m; two fields of 45.00
Width: 3,00 m

Two trough bridges, each with four double pitch roof beams with a horizontal glulam beam as roadway. Loads like pedestrian and cycle path bridge with consideration of a service car up to 6to.

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Design and structural analysis of the superstructure

Other views of the bridge