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Functional Bridge for Alipne Sports Zone

Trough Bridge for Cyclists and Pedestrians


Our office was asked to provide the entire planning work for the requested bridge in an alpine area in northern Italy. With a width of 2,50 meters the trough bridge spans over a length of about 36 meters. The main structure is formed by two large glulam girders, supported by steel frames within the cross section. Round steel bars are implemented along the underpart of structure to ensure the cross bracing, which is taking up wind forces. 

The glulam girders are protected from weathering by a lateral cladding and a titan zinc sheet on the top. 

Additionally there is a steel railing, attached to the steel frames, consisting of a handrail and horizontal bars.  

Year of construction

Municipality Gais, IT

General contractor
Planstudio Hoch- und Tiefbau

Lenght: 36,00 m
Width: 2,50 m

Single span trough bridge with glulam girders and decking made from larch wood

Our services
Conception, design, structure planning and execution planning

Other views of the bridge