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"Birkbergbrücke" Designed for Forestry Traffic

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge, Wippra


This is one of the earliest timber-concrete composite bridges for heavy load traffic in Germany. The pioneer project shows the capacity of this bridge type as well as the structural advantages. The concrete slab covers the glulam beams which creates a durable construction and ensures that the timber is protected from any moisture. The parapet is made of timber as well so that the material can be experienced on top of the bridge.

Forstbetrieb Oberharz

Year of construction

Structural calculation and design
Ingenieurbüro Setzpfand

Länge: 16,40 m
Breite: 4,50 m

Main structure consisting of blocklaminated glulam beams in composite with the concrete slab. The composite is achieved by screws and bolts. A timber railing emphasizes the supporting material on the bridge deck

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Other views of the bridge