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Block girder bridge in timber construction as connection between public park areas

Replacement of the cycle path bridge Escher Straße in Cologne


The currently existing foot and cycle path connection across the Äußere Kanalstraße in Cologne – in the form of a four-span wooden beam bridge – must be dismantled due to its poor condition. With the presented planning the construction of a barrier-free footpath and cycle path bridge in protected timber construction according to DIN EN 1995-2 NA can be started in 2022 at the same location in order to further ensure the connection of the areas of Bürgerpark Nord.

The new construction is to be built as a two-span structure with a central support between the carriageways of Äußere Kanalstraße with individual spans of the supporting structure of 27.50 m each. The superstructure is planned as a two-span beam bridge in prefabricated timber construction with a width of 6.00 m between the railings. The planning objective was, among other things, to optimise the consumption of energy and resources, to reduce environmental pollution and to minimise maintenance. Thus, the superstructure consists of solid block-bonded wooden girders, laterally stepped in cross-section, which taper from the upper edge of the structure to the lower edge. In addition to slimming down the structure’s appearance, this also ensures structural timber protection. This type of construction represents the most economical implementation with regard to the structural conditions.

Year of construction
planned 2022

Stadt Köln

Length: 55.00 m
Width: 6.00 m

Two-span beam bridge with stepped wooden supporting structure made of block-bonded glulam, closed decking made of mastic asphalt, filler bar railing made of steel with handrail made of Accoya

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Work phases 1 – 4

Other views of the bridge