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Design Competition in Minamisanriku (Japan)

Design of a Stress Ribbon Bridge


The length of the designed bridge is about 78 meters with a width of circa 3 meters. In the area of the column in the middle of the bridge the width expands to 4,50 meters, which offers the possibility to enjoy an amazing view into Shizugawa Bay. Constructed with an absolute minimum of material the bridge appears narrow and offers a filigree and decent view. Due to the stress ribbon structure the horizontal forces occuring need to be transferred into the ground, which is carried out by pile foundations on the river banks. Additionally the column at a third of the total length reduces the span of the bridge. 

Length: 78,00
Width: 3,00 m

Main structure made of block laminated glulam beams. Guardrail of horizontal steel cables with hand rail of Accoya wood. Footpath surfacing made of Accoya slabs and a substructure of glulam. 

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Other views of the bridge