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Stress Ribbon Bridge in Nature Reserve

Conceptual Studies and Design Planning


Combining a stress ribbon structure, being mostly stressed by tensile forces, with timber as main construction material is very efficient, because of its low strength to weight ratio. Large-scale granite stone slabs form the decking. Natural stone is extremely durable and requires almost no maintenance. The abutments are designed as cantilevers out of reinforced concrete to allow a “smooth” tranfer ad deflection of the forces into the vertical components. A stress ribbon is characterised by it’s narrow form. Towards the middle of the field minimum of slack span is required to provide an advantageous realtion of the horizontal forces. 

Length: 93,0 m
Width: 2,5 m

Blocklaminated glulam beams forms the main structure that works as a stress ribbon. At the abutments the structure is anchored into the ground.

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Conceptual studies and design planning – service phase 1-3 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge