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Pylonbridge over the Agger at town hall

Cable Stayed Bridge Engelskirchen


For a better development of the Engelskirchen districts Steeg and Obersteeg with the Town Hall and the museums at Engelsplatz or the school center and shopping on the Olpener Straße, the construction of a pedestrian and cycle bridge will be investigated. The new bridge will take into account the simultaneous use of cyclists and pedestrians with a planned width of about 2.5m. The presence of vehicles, with the exception of maintenance vehicles, is excluded. For the course of the bridge different possibilities were examined, whereby the ownership conditions of the respective real estates were particularly considered.

The preferred variant for a curved bridge path is a cable-stayed bridge with a pin pylon. With a single pin pylon, which is arranged and anchored on the west bank, a curved course can be easily realized. Even a drop in altitude within the bridge can be implemented. The braces of the pylon are placed so that no collision with the path profile is created. Compared to straight variants, slightly longer crossbeams are required so that the free space profile on the bridge is not affected by the cabels.

The variant with a simple pin pylon offers the most freedom in designing the course of the route. With its placement on the banks of the bridge, the pylon blends in harmoniously with the natural shore, creating a particularly transparent structure.

Local community Engelskirchen

Year of construction

Length: approx. 35,50 m
Width: approx. 2,50 m

Block-laminated main beam made of spruce glulam, decking with natural stone plates protected against the weather; Steel fill bar railing with Accoya handrail

Our service
Design planning, approval planning, execution planning

service phase 1 – 6 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge