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Timber-concrete-composite structure on existing abutments

Replacement of the Tauber Bridge Schäftersheim


The Tauber Bridge Weikersheim – a service road bridge in the south of the district Schäftersheim – requires a renewal due to its defective condition without the possibility of an economic rehabilitation.
The planning provides for a replacement of the bridge superstructure by a timber-concrete-composite construction using the existing abutments and supporting pillars made of natural stone masonry. The classification as a service road, as well as a footpath and cycle path overpass of the Tauber river refers to the compliance with the guidelines for agricultural road construction and a limitation of the load to 12 tons.
The bridge is designed as a continuous beam structure over three spans, supported on the existing substructures. The girders are made as composite girders of timber and concrete – here the concrete deck slab and the timber girders are connected in a shear-resistant way in order to support as a total cross-section and to save cross-section height. In addition, the concrete permanently protects the timber structure from moisture and thus saves the need for chemical wood preservation. The material combination thus makes optimal use of the advantages of both materials. Any CO2 emissions that arise during the construction of the building are largely offset by the use of wood.

City of Weikersheim

Year of construction

Length: 26.35 m
Width: 4.00 m


Composite structure with stepped timber structure made of block-bonded glulam and concrete deck, bond via Kerven, filler bar railings made of steel

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Work phases 1 – 6

Other views of the bridge