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Carrying Heavy Loads of Forestry Traffic

Strut Frame Bridge in the Highland Area of Harz


A bridge over the Harz railway. The heavy duty bridge as a timber construction was built primarily for forestry use. Due to the high loads a strut frame was chosen as the static system. The main supports are made of glued laminated spruce and covered with a layer of mastic asphalt on top. The two columns each are formed by four fan shaped struts and made of durable oak. The wooden handrail emphasizes the landscape and traditional scenery of the Harz railway.

Forestry commission Trautenstein

Year of construction

Length: 21,00m (5,50/ 10,00/ 5,50 m)
Width: 3,50 m

Block laminated larch timber construction with mastic asphalt surface and oak railings, strut frame made of oak, SLW 30

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Other views of the bridge