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Contribution to the design competition

Pedestrian and cycle bridge over the railway Radolfzell


The structure consists of two stepped laminated glulam beams, which are almost parallel, but slightly curved away from the city towards the lake, thus increase the useful bridge width from 4.60 m to 7.60 m in the area of ??the cantilevered viewing platform. In the elevation, the beams have a constant height of 72 cm above the four V-shaped steel columns of round tubes placed on each platform. To the last also V-shaped support, which is already outside the station, the glulam beams widen to a height of 168 cm and taper to the 10 m distant end of the cantilever back to 72 cm. The bridge has a slight elevation, the bow drops slightly towards the lake and ends horizontally with the viewing deck.

The bridge is connected at the northern end via a broad staircase. This staircase consists of two covered glulam beams, between which there is a stiffened steel substructure for a granite covering. There are four elevators on the eastern side of the bridge that provide barrier-free access between each platform and the track crossing. The middle platforms are also served by perpendicular to the bridge axis running stairs, which branch around the elevators in the upper area. A special experience is the staircase at the southern end of the bridge. The stairs descend from the middle of the bridge and, as you go down, you are between the two main wooden girders of the bridge. The filigree steel staircase is suspended from the girders.


City of Radolfzell

WilkinsonEyre Architects

Lenght: 68,80 m
Width: 4,60-7,60m

Block glued structure of horizontally arranged, partially bent glulam beams. The cross section is stepped on the side to be protected against driving rain. Color-contrasted granite surface and railing with stainless steel handrail and additional contact protection over the railway system.

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Other views of the bridge