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New transition to the sports area

Trough Bridge Schlüchtern


This trough bridge over the river Kinzig consists of two glulam beams in GL 28c, which are connected by galvanized steel U-frames. On the frames longitudinal beams are arranged, which carry the GRP decking. The glulam beams are provided on the inside with a base-top-paneling and on the outside with a shiplap paneling made of larch wood. On the upper side, these are covered with a zinc sheet. In the area of the covering, HPL panels have been used on the inside as paneling in order to use a very durable and moisture-resistant material in these areas which are difficult to access.

City of Schlüchtern

Year of construction

Schmees & Lühn Holz- und Stahlingenieurbau GmbH & Co.KG

Lenght: 28,50 m
Width: 2,25 m

Trough bridge with U-frame made of galvanized steel for stiffening. Glulam main beams with larchwood paneling. Spray water area protected with HPL panels. Flooring made of GRP planks.

Our service
Object and structural design of the superstructure, work planning

Other views of the bridge