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Bridge over the waterway intersection in Castrop-Rauxel

"Sprung über die Emscher"


The bridge is an outstanding sustainable wooden bridge for future generations. The expression of the carbonized material is a clear reference to the industrial history of the region as well as to the current structural change of the Ruhr area and the future development of the Emscher shore. The expression is also strengthened by the use of the material wood itself for the construction and the completion through integrated solar cells in the glass roof to develop a long-lasting, future-oriented, energy-producing bridge with a very low carbon footprint.

Beam bridges are the simplest form of bridge construction. A so-called bending beam can span over one or more fields and form cantilevers. In the design chosen here, the beam is used as a design element that lies at the end points of the construction below the roadway. In the course of the bridge the beam structure changes its position and is led over the roadway. The actual roadway, designed as an orthotropic plate, is suspended in this area via steel frames.

The bridge is divided into regular spans of about 30 m in the foreland area to the west and east of the Rhine-Herne Canal, and a main field of 85m length above the canal. The segmentation generates conclusive production and assembly sizes. For the largest span above the Rhine-Herne Canal, the beam structure is dissolved and combined with an underspann. Due to the division into pressure and tension zones, the structure generates a larger static height without increasing the surface view of the beam.



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Lenght: approx. 600 m
Width: 2,50 m

Trough bridge with above and below the covering layer lying structure. Raised or suspended U-frames carry an orthotropic steel plate. Railing post made of flat steel, fall protection with stainless steel mesh, handrail made of acetylated glulam

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Other views of the bridge