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Trough Bridge in Herbrechtingen

Cyclists Bridge Crossing Brenz River


Trough bridge in a reliable system. The bridge crossing the Brenz distinguishes itself with approved details and a durable construction. The main girders are made of glulam, protected by three sides and braced with galvanised steel frames. Cladding and decking planks are made of larch. The handrail is attached to the steel frames and form the upper completion of the construction. The warm colour of the larch cladding blends harmonically in the natural environment.

Kreisbaugesellschaft Heidenheim

Year of construction

Length: 32,80 m
Width: 2,75 m

Trough bridge with main girders made of spruce glulam, lateral cladding with douglas fir. Top cover zinc sheet metal. Additional handrail attached to the steel frame. Larch plank decking.

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Other views of the bridge