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Park Bridge over the Eyach

Timber Trough Bridge in Balingen


With this draft of a multiple comission of the city balingen the Jury could be convinced. For the horticulture show 2023 in Balingen, a foot and cycle path bridge over the Eyach is planned on the basis of the planning of the office Moxon Architects. The position of the bridge is under consideration of the HQ 100 + freeboard. By adjusting the course of the path on the side of the Bizerba Arena, the abutment can be built outside the HQ 100 in the extension of the Kesselmühlenstraße. On the western side, the bridge ends in the area of the proposed landing of the planner. This results in a total length of the design of about 40,80m. In order to ensure a comfortable connection to all subsequent routes especially for cyclists, an expansion of the bridge on both sides of 3.0 m to about 5.0 m width is provided at the entrances. This favors a fluent harmonious traffic management with as much as possible material expenditure.

The design is based on a particular trough construction method. In this bridge system, the main girders made of glued laminated timber are in the railing level and secured against tipping over with a U-shaped steel frame. Trough bridges are very economical to manufacture and maintain.

The relatively simple design of the trough bridge is changed by the two expanded bridge ends and by an additional tilting of the two lateral glulam beams by 22.5 ° in a dynamic form language. For the widening of the bridges, the two glulam beams are curved and glued according to the deflection of its own weight with an elevation. The beam height varies according to static requirements from 1.4 m at the entrances to 1.7 m in the curved areas. An independent height guide of the decking between the main girders allows a good view over them.

Further information: Horticultural show Balingen 2023 – Parkufersteg

Winner of the International Bridges Award 2023 in the category “International Bridges under £5 million

City of Balingen

2019 (

Moxon Architects

Length: 40,85 m
Width: 3,00-5,00 m

Trough bridge with main girders made of glulam, u-shaped, coated steel frames as cross girders, decking out of grp. Railing made of stainless steel.

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