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Design of the entrance area of Dublin City University (DCU)

Sculpture at the University of Dublin


ZAP Architecture has won the tender for the design of the entrance area of Dublin City University (DCU). The aim of the tender was to revive both, representation and convenience of the campus as well as the vision and identitiy of the DCU as Ireland’s “University of Enterprise to life”.
The jury has praised the winners, that their design has “fulfilled all expectations, and that unforgettable and timeless impression for the University is created.”
The artwork was placed between Collins Avenue and on both sides of the entrance of the University.
54 columns of Accoya glulam with heights up to 16 meters with different distances from one another are reminding of tree trunks in a forest. This loose arrangement of the verticals may symbolize students, colleagues and alumni of the University. Also, the design theme of “Shape of space” is creating a striking and memorable identity of the DCU locally and international. Dominik Niewerth from Schaffitzel+Miebach states proudly: “Since the Accoya glulam was mounted directly into the ground, we were able to complete the entire work without any steel parts”. Using a different type of wood it would not have been possible, because it would have been damaged by the direct weathering. Accoya glulam has a guaranteed durability of 50 years for outdoor exposure and 25 years when directly installed in the ground. In conclusion we can state that the project is a great example and symbol of the good international exchange, but also a successful collaboration in the design and construction.

DCU Dublin

ZAP Architecture

Year of construction

54 Accoya glued laminated timber piles in an irregular order with a height of up to 16 meters

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