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Block girder bridge over the Lenne

Replacement of a pedestrian bridge near Saalhausen, Lennestadt


In the course of a comprehensive structural inspection by the engineering firm F-J Wagener, considerable structural damage was found in the supporting structure of the structure. In view of the existing basic structure, rehabilitation of the existing bridge was deemed impracticable and economically unreasonable by the parties involved, which is why the construction of a new replacement bridge was advocated.

 The design of the bridge structure is deliberately restrained in order to blend harmoniously into the natural surroundings. The most striking element, the stepped wooden girder, already blends harmoniously into the surroundings due to its natural material properties alone.

 The formal design is primarily oriented towards the local topography, the adjacent footpaths, the optimal flow profile for the Lenne river and a sensible static concept. In order to ensure long-term durability, the bridge will be realized as a protected structure. For this purpose, the decking of large-format natural stone slabs serves as surface protection, while the lateral stepping and a projecting design protect the main girder from lateral rain.

Year of construction planned

City of Lennestadt

Length: approx. 26.00 m

Width: 2.50 m

Timber construction with large-format, block-glued glulam beams; natural stone slabs, flat steel posts with stainless steel cable net infill, handrail made of acetylated glulam

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Other views of the bridge