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Heavy Load Bridge Crossing the Agger River in Lohmar Schiffarth

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge


The existing bridge had to be replaced due to a flood damage. The aim of the design of the replacement structure should be to take up the old wooden bridge construction with a contemporary wooden construction and to interpret it as an innovative design in a modern way. Particular attention is paid to the consideration of a durable structural wood protection. In addition, the river bed should in future be spanned free of supports to ensure a larger flow cross section in case of floods.

Now a technically and visually innovative Timber-concrete composite bridge crosses the river. The bridge optimally stimulates the static properties of the two building materials wood and concrete. In the predominant pressure zone of the bridge a concrete slab is arranged as a roadway. The wood is used as the main carrier in the tension zone. As a result, the wood is a considerable part of the tensile stresses occurring, whereby the concrete insert is reduced to a thin deck slab. The two support elements are coupled by a shear connection and allow a slim design. The shape also makes the force curve in the building very clearly visible, which has its maximum at the intermediate piers. The curved and stepped wooden girder consists of block glued laminated timber. The concrete carriageway is covered on the top with mastic asphalt, the walkway area is treated with epoxy resin and silica sand scattering.

Rhein Sieg Kreis

Year of construction

Length: 40,00 m
Width: 4,75 m

Main structure consisting of block-laminated spruce glulam with TCC connectors. Main carrier has a stepped cross-section. Concrete slab with mastic asphalt and steel railing. Accoya handrail including safety rope.

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Design planning, licence planning, execution planning, structural planning and construction supervision – service phases 1-9 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge