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TCC-Bridge over the Hünnesbach in Alfter-Heidgen

Heavy Load Bridge in Timber-Concrete-Composite


The existing building over the Hünnesbach on the road “Grüner Weg” was built in 1967 as a passage building in the form of a brick vault. During the last building inspection, serious damage was found and the building was classified with a limited stability. In order to reduce the load on the building, the use for road traffic has been blocked. However, the building is currently still open for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

In order to restore the accessibility of the “Grüner Weg” road, the existing building is demolished and a replacement building erected. The planned replacement building is to be erected at the same location as the existing building. The replacement building will be constructed as a bridge structure in timber-concrete composite and spans the Hünnesbach with a length of 10.20 meters and a width of 4.50 meters. Due to the now larger span, the flood cross section of the Hünnesbach is now considered sufficiently. The bridge is designed according to DIN EN 1991-2 load model 1 for heavy load traffic.

With the timber-concrete composite construction, the properties of the individual materials are used efficiently, the concrete slab predominantly absorbs pressure and the wooden beams predominantly tensile stresses. The bridge is planned as a two-tier girder and executed in a simple and functional way. Due to the concrete superstructure, all detail training according to ZTV-ING and RiZ-Ing (BASt) can be fulfilled. The balustrade are planned with a handrail made of acetylated glued laminated timber, which differs from the type Gel 4 directional railing, indicating to the user on the bridge the special structure of the bridge.

Local community Alfter

Year of construction
probably in 2018

Length: 10,20 m
Width: 4,50 m

Main structure consisting of block-glued spruce glulam with bonded TCC-connectors. Concrete flooring with mastic asphalt and steel balustradel with an Accoya-glulam handrail.

Our service
Design planning, approval planning, execution planning, structural design and site supervision.

Service phase 1 – 8 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge