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Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge for Federal Garden Show

Stress ribbon bridge "Dragon's tail" in Gera


For a Federal Garden Show in Ronnenburg and Gera in Eastern Thuringia, a pedestrian bridge with special length has been designed over the Gessental, a former uranium mining area. For the first time a glued laminated block beam was used as a 225 meter strip. The longest bridge of its kind in Europe, with exotic name “Dragon’s tail” was awarded by the German Timber Construction Award.

Bundesgartenschau Gera GmbH

Concept and design and Structural calculation
Office Dietrich, Traunstein

Project management
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH

Construction work
In-house performance together with Office Malthaner

Length: 225,00 m
Width: 2,50 – 3,80 m

Tension band made of spruce laminated timber, decking larch planks

Our services
Execution planning in collaboration with the office Malthaner, construction supervision

Other views of the bridge