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Sustainable urban concept of a wooden bridge for the future

New construction of a greened station bridge in Zwolle - NL


After the Zwolle City Council approved the design planning for the pedestrian bridge at Zwolle Station at the beginning of 2021, the design has now been concretized for the upcoming presentation to the Municipal Council – bridge specialist IPV Delft, landscape architects Karres and Brands and engineering firm Miebach, which specializes in timber construction, worked here together with the clients, who were also closely involved, the Municipality of Zwolle and ProRail.
The result is a sustainable wooden bridge structure with a park-like layout, wide paths and stairs, seating and good lighting, and visible, tangible water flow. Three elevators guarantee optimal accessibility. The pedestrian bridge thus becomes a sustainable street over the railroad tracks with a width of 10 meters, lots of greenery, benches and art.
The “elevated road” will be built from sustainable materials such as wood. To guarantee a long life of the structure, the closed wooden CLT deck will be covered with a solid waterproof layer and designed so that the wooden beams are below this water protection. The deck, as a natural physical separation, is permanently monitored for moisture by means of a sensor mat. Temperature fluctuations are dampened by the mass, which keeps condensation and dew point outside the structure. In addition, the deck is accessible from anywhere if needed – the floor with vegetation and pavement are separate elements, so any repairs can be made easily and quickly on site. The bridge is scheduled for construction in 2023.

Year of construction
planned 2023

Gemeente Zwolle – NL

Landscape architecture
Karres en Brands, Hilversum NL

IPV Delft, Delft NL

Length: 129,60 m
Width: 10,00 m
Beam bridge over five spans with stepped timber structure made of block-bonded glulam, decking as green roof construction on cross-laminated timber with two-dimensional moisture monitoring, railing made of combination of glass and stainless steel cable nets with wooden handrail

Our services
Preliminary planning and design planning in cooperation, structural design

Work phases: 2 – 4

Other views of the bridge