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Bridge Crossing the Neiße in Leuba

Trough Bridge as Part of Cycling Route


The timber trough bridge leads across the river Neiße as part of the Oder-Neiße Cycle Route in the region Oberlausitz in the East of Germany. It spans over a length of approximately 24 meters with a width of 3 meters. Two large glulam girders form the main construction and are supported by steel frames within the cross section. The glulam girders are protected from weathering by a lateral cladding and a titan zinc sheet on the top.

Additionally there is a steel railing, attached to the steel frames, consisting of a handrail and horizontal bars.

Admnistrative district of Görlitz

Year of Construction

Length: 24,00 m
Width: 3,00 m

Timber trough bridge with glulam structure, steel cross girder level attached to the main girders, larch plank decking and additional steel railing

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Other views of the bridge