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Truss bridge over the Murg in a new look

Renovation of the Rafter Bridge in Gaggenau


Considering its service life of 30 years, the raft bridge is in good condition; nevertheless, it was necessary to rehabilitate some damage that occurred at structural nodes of the unprotected wooden bridge.

In the course of this renovation, lower chords were replaced, damaged wooden parts were cut back and bridged with steel node reinforcements. In accordance with the current state of the art, structural wood protection was also retrofitted in the form of lateral cladding and the extension of the roof overhang. The planking and the railing were also renewed.

Year of construction

Stadt Gaggenau

Length: 60.00 m
Width:   3.00 m

Fachwerkbrücke aus Lärchenholz mit Bohlenbelag aus Eiche und Dacheindeckung mit Zedernschindeln

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Work phases 1 – 9

Other views of the bridge