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New roadway for road bridge in the Black Forest

Renovation of Erdenbrücke Oberwolfach


The deck of the existing bridge – made of solid wood planks – was no longer load-bearing after many years of exposure to the elements. According to the rehabilitation concept developed, the existing deck including the railing was dismantled down to the steel girders in order to install a new deck in the form of a cross-laminated timber deck. This is provided on top with a two-layer bituminous waterproofing and a gussasphalt pavement. The lateral impact protection is provided by caps made of precast reinforced concrete elements.

Year: of construction

Community of Oberwolfach

Length: 30.00 m
Width:   6.25 m

Two-span beam bridge with main structure of steel girders, deck of cross-laminated timber, prefabricated caps of reinforced concrete, closed pavement of mastic asphalt

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Work phases 1 – 9

Other views of the bridge