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Competition Entry "Reutlinger Band"

Timber Girder Bridge in Reutlingen


The bridge cross-section is divided into main girders, deck and railings. Segments of 10 mm thick steel plate form the decking and protect the lower wooden structure from the weather. The segmented decking supports only in the transverse direction to allow easy replacement at a later date. A backsplash acts as a lateral closure and support for the railing construction. The area underneath between the outer edge of the decking and the wooden support is closed with a wood-based panel and provides space for drainage and lighting control components.

A reaction resin bonded thin-layer covering on top of the steel covering provides an even, non-slip surface. The gabled roof profile formed in the covering leads the surface water into laterally running longitudinal channels below the covering. Drainage is carried out selectively and closed at the building supports and is accessible for inspection purposes. Cross channels are arranged in the area of the segment joints, which are sealed permanently elastic to prevent soiling. Due to the segmentation into 5.0 m – 10.0 m long steel elements, the decking including coating can be pre-assembled. No welding or corrosion protection work is required on site.

City of Reutlingen


Next Architects (Amsterdam)
Bureau B+B (Amsterdam)

Length: 95,00 m, 160,00 m including ramps
Width: 4,50-5,50 m

Deck bridge with main girder of block-glued laminated timber, covering of steel plate elements with epoxy resin coating. Steel stave railing                    

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Other views of the bridge