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Bicycle Bridge Over the River Pleiße

Girder Bridge in Böhlen


The pedestrian bridge made of timber was set next to a road bridge on the existing abutments with steel brackets. If the conditions are right, this is a very affordable option, because the spans are relativly short and there are no new foundations necessary. Due to the low weight of the glulam the supports of the road bridge had not be further strengthened. The railing was creatively adapted to the existing bridge. The decking is made of economic larch flooring planks. A few years later the bridge in Wahlscheid was built with a similar system.

Road authority Leipzig

Year of construction

Length: 70,00 m
Width: 2,25 m

Light weight timber structure girders made of Spruce glulam girders mounted onto the existing concrete piers, decking with coated larch planks; steel railing according German Standard drawings (RIZ-Ing)

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