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Competition Entry - 2nd Place

Connection to Station Meinerzhagen


For this competition we choose a timber version with granite decking, that generates a simple but elegant connection to the station. A block laminated massive wooden beam forms the main horizontal structure. It works as a multi-span system. On the upper side of the stepped girder large granite slabs form the decking and work as a roofing for the timber structure at the same time. Thus, this design is set up as a protected wooden bridge in accordance with DIN EN 1995-02, to ensure equivalence in terms of durability to other materials as steel and concrete.
Coming from the nearby school the bridge describes a slight slope and a slight radius to cross the street and hereby offers barrier-free access to the station. Reaching the first stairs down to the tracks the structure follows a straight and horizontal line. Thereby the strcuture guarantees clarity to the users. A transparent steel railing with wooden handrail allows orientation easyly. The stepped timber carrier emphasizes the horizontal lines and outlines the light-weight of the structure.

Length: 75,00 m
Width: 2,80 m
width of stairs: 2,40 m

block laminated glulam girder, trepped laminated cross section for the bridge structure and staircases. Decking made from high quality natural stone slabs. Stainless stell railing including timber handrail, stand-alone lifts in glas.

De Zwarte Hond, Cologne

Our service
design, feasibility study

Other views of the bridge