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Pedestrian bridge to create a lake promenade

Competition Erlenwäldlibrücke


The main bridge section is designed as an self anchored cable-stayed bridge. By this type of construction, vertical loads are mainly applied to the supports. The horizontal loads are short-circuited via the block-glued bridge body. The inclined cable supports enable a continuous beam with maximum spans of 13 meters. In order to avoid transverse beams underneath the bridge body, the tension cables are connected via steel brackets and dowels to four threaded rods glued transversely to the bridge axis.
The mobile bridge section is designed as a rotating bridge. The rotatable bridging body is in equilibrium in spite of different cantilever lengths, resulting in a low energy expenditure for the movement and a favorable load on the foundation.

Length: 226,00 m
Width: 3,00 to 4,55 m

swillus architekten, Berlin
A24 Landschaft, Berlin

Pylon bridge with cable suspension. Main support of stepped block-glued BSH beams. Rotary bridge section with balanced cantilever arm for low-energy mobility.

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