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Cable stayed bridge in the european quarter

Competition Entry Kirchberg-Plateau


As one of six teams, the working group Knight Architects / Engineers Miebach was selected for the “Passerelle dans le quartier européen du plateau de Kirchberg” competition. The aim of the competition was to conceptualize a connection between Mudam (Musée d ‘Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean) and John F. Kennedy Avenue that fits into the urban context.

For this purpose, the working group chose a pylon bridge to span the first very high part of the connection without the expense of many supports. About 40 meters of the 80-meter bridge on the side of John F. Kennedy Avenue hang from the plainly white-colored pylon, which minimizes the load on this support. Since the founding takes place on the site on an existing building, this requirement of the competition was considered.

In the course of the bridge within a forest supports are provided at about 12 m intervals, which support the cross-sectionally stepped and curved in the view block-glued wooden beams. The support of the 3 m wide bridge is effectively protected against driving rain by a covering of large-format natural stone slabs and a cantilevered projection. The railing consists of steel posts with a stainless steel net filling and a wooden handrail made of acetylated pine.

Town Planning and Development Office of the Kirchberg Plateau

Knight Architects

Length: approx. 80,00 m
Width: approx. 3,00 m

Stepped block-glued main beam made of spruce, decked with natural stone slabs protected against weathering; Railing made of steel with handrail made of Accoya and stainless steel mesh filling

Our service
Concept, design, static preliminary design

Other views of the bridge