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Trough bridge with suspended decking

Footbridge at Train Station Hoppegarten


The bridge at the train station in Hoppegarten is a covered construction. The roof construction was carried out with an upside down trough section made of spruce glulam. The roof structure forms the main supporting structure of the bridge. The walkway was suspended from the roof construction with steel cables. This leads to a very transparent walkway which is protected from the top. The combination of the steel material with the coloured elements of the stairtowers create a modern appeal and show that timber is a material that is very suitable for constructions in the setting of a train station.

Municipality of Hoppegarten

Year of construction

Agentur Bahnstadt, Berlin

Structural calculation
Ing.-Büro Motmaen, Berlin

Total length: 47,00 m
Spans: 14,00/ 4,00/ 29,00 m
Width: 3,60 m

Covered, suspended trough bridge as timber steel construction, steel parapet, lateral cladding with larch, walkway made of mastic asphalt on plywood

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Other views of the bridge