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Block girder bridge within the scope of the State Garden Show Wangen i. A. 2024

Bridge over the upper Argen "Im Klösterle" in Wangen i. A.


As part of the Wangen i. A. 2024 State Garden Show and the local transport concept of the city of Wangen, a number of new bridge structures are being built within the urban area. With a high demand for sustainable construction, a wooden bridge with an optimised and elegant cross-section was developed. The high-quality covering of natural stone slabs permanently protects the wooden structure. Cantilevered concrete abutments provide a particularly robust connection point, which offers sufficient distance to the terrain. A transparent railing with a three-dimensionally shaped railing infill complements the sculptural wooden support.

Year of construction

Landesgartenschau Wangen i. A. 2024 GmbH

length: 38,00 m
span: 36,00 m
width: 4,00 m

two-part block girder bridge with variable cross-section and lateral staircase as weather protection

Our services
Concept, design, structural analysis, implementation planning, tendering, construction management

Service phases 1 – 9

Substructures: Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH
Timber construction: Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH & Co. KG
Landscape planning: Lohrer Hochrhein, München

Other views of the bridge