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Publication: special – Green bridges Study on crossing aids with a supporting structure made of oak laminated timber

Friolzheim – DE August 2023

Due to climate change, climate-sensitive hardwood should be increasingly used as a material in the future. The green bridge project presented here is an example that on the one hand explains the general use of materials in such engineering structures (here with a focus on the use of oak), and on the other hand specifically promotes the use of green bridges in timber construction.

The solution approaches worked out in concrete detail form an alignment between the physical availability of this type of wood and the requirements for such bridge structures.

Thus, the project is intended to provide an outlook – in the hope that the concretely elaborated project can one day be implemented by Autobahn GmbH.

This brochure was produced in connection with the research project “Green bridges with a supporting structure made of oak glulam”, supervised by B.Eng. Holzingenieurwesen Franz Büsing from Ingenieurbüro Miebach, Lohmar. The project sponsor was the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR).