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"Erika Bridge" in Bad Lauterberg and "Kulmke Bridge" in Herzberg

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge in Niedersachsen


At the end of 2013 the “Erika bridge” was built over the Oder at a former campsite next to the old building. A replacement of the old bridge was required because the load capacity of 12 tons was no longer ensured.

In this case the timber-concrete composite structure was demanded a very short period of construction, because the only access to the forest should not be impassable for long time. Moreover, the usage of timber was obvious, especially since the forestry authority of the client chose a design in which the native timber could be installed.

The new bridge was designed and constructed for a load capacity of 60 tons and was built in a timber-concrete composite construction. Over all, the Lower Saxony Forestry invested 150,000 Euro in the construction.

Forestry Agency of Lower Saxony in Riefensbeck

Year of construction

Length: 11,90/12,00 m
Width: 4,00/4,75 m

Main structure consisting of blocklaminated glulam beams in compound with the concrete slab. The composite is achieved by HBV-connectors. The almost identical bridges differ only in the design of the railing: in Bad Lauterberg a filled rod railing is used, the bridge in Herzberg am Harz has a bended beam steel railing.

Our services
Design planning, structural planning and project supervision

Other views of the bridge